Peter and Paul (Paper)

I Believe: 40 Daily Readings for the Purposeful Presbyterian

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  • 6/1/2008
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Christians believe that the Holy Spirit guided the writers of Scripture so that the Bible is free from error when it speaks of character, promises, and the purpose of God. Luke does not tell us the whole story of the early church, but that should not come as a surprise. The whole story does not come from one witness. This is apparent from the witness of Scripture itself. Paul's letters suggest more controversy, differences, and struggles than Luke records. Luke's purpose was to describe the growth of the church from a narrowly focuses Jewish sect to a major new religion in the Gentile world. Peter changes from having a narrow, parochial perspective to having a great vision for the world.

Peter and Paul

is an invitation to explore this witness to the early church through a disciplined study of the ministries of disciple and apostle. Each book in the I Believe: 40 Daily Readings for the Purposeful Presbyterian series includes daily readings on a topic important to all of God's people. A five-session small group study guide is also included.


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