A Conversation with Paul (Paper)

  • 9780334019626
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  • 9780334019626
  • 11/14/2012
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This book, by a distinguished German scholar, is a clear and readable guide to the thought of St Paul. The author has a particular audience in mind: 'I did not want to write a theology, a biography, of the apostle Paul, or even an introduction to his writings and his work. I wanted to start a conversation with him and to introduce above all a Catholic readership to this conversation in the light of its traditions and sensibilities. I felt it was much more important to listen and enter into the faith and thought of the apostle and to provide an introduction to that. I once discovered Paul, years ago. Since then I have not been able to forget him. However, sometimes I am attracted by him and sometimes he repels me. But I cannot get rid of him, and in particular his contradictions are uniquely fascinating. I feel that this will go on being the case. He is always disturbing, as he often has been in history.'


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