Crocodile's Crossing (Hardback)

A Search for Home

  • 9781947888210
  • 8.25 x 11.25
  • 32
  • 100.00
  • Hardback
  • 1947888218
  • 4/14/2020
  • Pre-Order
$ 17.00


Crocodile is tired, scared, and hopeful as he searches for his new home.

Everything will be better where I’m going! he thinks. But where is that?

Crocodile’s Crossing: A Search for Home introduces children to the complex topic of immigration. Featuring bright artwork packed with playful details, this thoughtful tale sensitively portrays the challenges faced by refugees and other newcomers. A downloadable discussion guide is available at


"A wide-eyed, open-hearted evocation of a refugee's experience...The text takes care to delineate Crocodile's journey such that it stirs compassion." —Kirkus Reviews

"Exploring the struggles and concerns facing immigrant families with sensitivity and a touch of playfulness, Crocodile’s plight will resonate with today’s children. As a crocodile now living in a community of mice, there are a lot of new things for him to learn and think about. Expressive illustrations follow Crocodile’s journey as he finally discovers what he needs to feel at home." —Foreword Reviews


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