They Shall Grow Not Old: Resources for Remembrance, Memorial and Commemorative Services (Hardback)

Resources for Remembrance, Memorial and Commemorative Services

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  • 1853117382
  • 10/27/2006
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This book contains a range of services developed by three key agencies working together that cover: a simple remembrance ceremony; a formal ceremony at a war memorial; a service for Remembrance Sunday; a veterans' service; a Remembrance service with a Eucharist; a funeral service for a member of the armed forces; a parade service; and other related occasions that all parish clergy may be asked to conduct. No formal denominational services exist for these occasions and so this fills a real gap. ááAs well as complete services, it contains a wide range of greetings, biddings, opening prayers, confessions, intercessions, litanies, blessings as well as Bible readings printed out in full, so that clergy and chaplains may create customized services according to local need.ááIn assocciation with The Royal Army Chaplains, The Royal British Legion and The Joint Liturgical Group.


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