Practicing (Paper)

Changing Yourself to Change the World

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  • 2/18/2020
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From the masses of young people spurning organized religion to faithful followers of Jesus, there is a deep hunger across gender, age, socioeconomics, and denominational backgrounds for practical, tangible ways to live a life of love, mercy, and justice in our divided, fragmented world. But where do we start? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the world’s problems, with solutions to violence and poverty and oppression seeming so far out of reach. 


But you have more power to change the world than you realize—and it starts with changing yourself.


In Practicing, Pastor Kathy Escobar inspires and challenges readers with practical encouragement to live their faith through real action using ten transformational practices, including listening more, including the marginalized, advocating for justice, and mourning with those who grieve. By putting our hearts, hands, and feet behind our good intentions, we can transform our groups, our communities, and our world. Extremely interactive, relational, and practical, Practicing can be read alone or processed together with a group, church, or class.


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