Fearless Dialogues (Paper)

A New Movement for Justice

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  • 10/27/2017
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Drawing on all the community's collective voices—from "doctors to drug dealers"—Fearless Dialogues is a groundbreaking program that seeks real solutions to problems of chronic unemployment, violence, and hopelessness. In cities around the United States and now the world, the program's founder, Gregory C. Ellison, and his team create conversations among community members who have never spoken to one another, the goal of which are real, implementable, and lasting changes to the life of the community.

These community transformations are based on both face-to-face encounter and substantive analysis of the problems the community faces. In Fearless Dialogues: A New Movement for Justice, Ellison makes this same kind of analysis available to readers, walking them through the steps that must be taken to find common ground in our divided communities and then to implement genuine and lasting change.


"Reading these intimate experiences of Greg Ellison is to understand what inspires his wisdom, vision, and prophetic action.  Each chapter's insights and challenging questions not only deepen readers' self-reflection, they expand our awareness for fearless dialogues that contribute to beloved community."—Luther E. Smith, Jr., PhD, Professor Emeritus of Church and Community, Candler School of Theology of Emory University

"Gregory Ellison II is a mystic prophet for this critical time in our collective consciousness. Through Fearless Dialogues he invites us into practices of radical discernment and spaces of wisdom within unexplored Creation and underdeveloped relationships. In these pages, Ellison's powerful story-telling—rooted in the experience of "seeing" thousands of unseen people—enters into conversation with his pastoral reading of history and context as he models the kind of personal reflection required to move "beyond" our narrow siloes and outmoded systems into King's radical revolution of values."—Rev. Starsky D. Wilson, president & CEO, Deaconess Foundation; Pastor, Saint John's Church (The Beloved Community); Co-Chair, The Ferguson Commission

"Ellison writes in a thoroughly idiosyncratic way, and his sources are eclectic. The result is an intellectual quilt fabricated to brilliant effect."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

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