Women's Voices: New Perspectives for the Christian-Jewish Dialogue (Paper)

New Perspectives for the Christian-Jewish Dialogue

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  • 252
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  • Paper
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  • 1/1/2005
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This book is the first of its kind to specifically look at Jewish-Christian women in dialogue together on a range of issues other than the feminist one. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the subject , consists of two voices engaging in discussion, and ends with a thorough list of further reading to point the interested reader in the right direction to find out more. It looks at the impact of the dialogue on these women's spiritual journeys, and also looks at key critical issues such as the impact of the Holocaust on the women's faith and theology: the figure of the Messiah in both traditions -touching on the wider christological issues which separate the two faiths. The way the text is read is examined and, finally, the book looks to the future and asks what the key concerns and issues wil be for them and the next generation of Jewish and Christian women.


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